What is in the CSA bag?

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Each CSA bag comes with variety mix of 5 fresh, sustainably grown, and pesticide free produce items. A typical bag is roughly about 5 lbs and will contain 2 leafy greens, a root vegetable, a seeded vegetable/fruit, and an herb. The Roots CSA program focuses on providing culturally relevant produce to our communities so there is a strong emphasis on Asian produce (such as: Baby bok choy, gai lan, napa cabbage, daikon, thai basil, etc.) however, there are also American produce items (such as: carrots, tomatoes, spinach, sweet potatoes, etc.) mixed in as well. Produce will vary depending on whatever is most fresh and in season and is subject to replacement or change based on weather/harvesting conditions (i.e. drought, frost, crop yield, etc.). Recommendations for produce items come straight from our farmers (click here for more info about the farmers we work with).